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We want You at Hope's Harvest/Open House!--->    HopeHarbor   6 PM, October 22,2020


Thursday October 22, 2020 will be a Hope’s Harvest unlike any before. We will be hosting the long-awaited Open House for the new home precious students will soon inhabit on the HH campus. Please join us for a tour of the breathtakingly beautiful new building, enjoy a delicious meal and hear updates from graduates as well as staff and supporters. There is plenty of room for open air dining and touring. Save the date right now! Click below to RSVP today.




John 15:5 says “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

Each graduate of Hope Harbor is truly a “fruit” of the program. Not only do we have the honor of watching the miraculous transformation in their lives during their one year at HH, but we continue to watch God unfold His plans in their lives after graduation. This month we would like to highlight graduate, Tara Graham. Here’s a quick update:


Hello everyone! My name is Tara Graham. I am 34 years old and I graduated from Hope Harbor on March 14, 2015. More than 5 years ago already! Wow!

I came to Hope Harbor for many different reasons. I drank excessively, used many illegal drugs, had low self worth and esteem, and struggled deeply with codependency.

I also have two gorgeous daughters and didn’t realize at the time that I was killing myself every single day. If I had stayed on the path I was on, I would have left them in the same spot I found myself in when I lost my mom much too early in my life, for the exact same reason.

But God! God placed Hope Harbor in my path as my light. My guide to a new, more successful way of life!

I spent 6 months thinking I didn’t need to be there. I didn’t want to be there. Around 6 months I started to get it. I started to give my life over to God and listen to Hope Harbor’s teachings and guidance and I saw improvements. Small, at first. Gradually becoming more and more recognizable as the days passed. Eventually by the time I graduated, I realized that Jesus, through Hope Harbor, completely saved my life.

I moved to Savannah in 2017. I got a job. I spent 2 years building and getting settled into a productive and successful life for myself and my daughters.

Today, I own my own car, signed papers on a 4 bedroom house last month, and have never been more happy in my life than I am in this moment. I am a full time mother, employee, boss, girlfriend and Christian. I have many loving and supportive friends. I get to see my oldest daughter get her learners permit this December, and my youngest daughter start off her pre-teen years this month. I was able to eventually start off a relationship with someone who wasn’t verbally and emotionally abusive, who knows what I’ve been through and only wants to help me grow and succeed and support me in every way possible. I am able to share my testimony to many and hope to continually do that and lead others on their path to God, and the forgiveness and generosity of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I would never have any of these blessings if it weren’t for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the wonderful staff at Hope Harbor, and every single person I met along the way there. I miss all of you so very much and I hope to make my way up there soon to see all of you in person!


Thank you again, Mama Dee, Pop, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Darlene, and Mrs. Jackie. Your love, kindness and generosity was all more than abundant, right when I needed it the most. God shines through each and every one of you every single day and it blesses me to be able to share that same light because of everything you all taught me.



Tara Graham



Woodbury Youth Group volunteer at Hope Harbor during their Meriwether Missions week


As the world constantly reminds us of just how desperately it needs Jesus, a refreshing visit from the Youth of Woodbury Baptist brightened the Hope Harbor campus and brought smiles of a hopeful generation. A heart to serve, regardless of the summer heat, was truly evident. Each student was eager to carry flooring into the new building, sweep, and lend a hand. HH grad, Kelly Camp, shared her testimony via facetime and encouraged the youth to NEVER give up.